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Commission details

Here are details for Commissions by Yuki: If you want further samples of my art OTHER THAN Nendaiki please go to My art gallery

Simple pencil sketch 1 person: $10 plus shipping and handling* add $3 for each extra person. (you will get the original drawing shipped to you, in a protective sleeve. But I will scan the picture for my own keeping before sending)

Simple pencil sketch then inked: $15 plus shipping and handling add $3 per person (you'll get the original, like above, and a printout and .PSD file of the picture inked..)

Simple pencil sketch, inked, and colored nendaiki style: $30 plus shipping and handling. Add $5 per extra person. (Original drawing, .PSD of the image inked, a .PSD of it colored, and any size variations you may want. Forum avatars ect., and a printout on photopaper of the image)

Full CG: here's an example here $45 plus shipping and handling. $10 for each additional character. (.PSD of the file, high quality print, forum avatars ect if wanted, and a printout on photopaper if you'd like.

Full CG: character bust portrait... $30 plus shipping and handling. Example is the little avatar that hopefully pulled you in enough to look here! ^_^

note: printouts will be done at 400-500DPI

*handling means the price of like, shipping materials..

Any questions can be emailed to


Payments can be made Via paypal,...but i cant get a paypal button to work.. so.. Please email me for information on that as well. >. if you don't have or don't like to use paypal you can email me with questions about alternative payment meathods.



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