Updates once a week.

Took me/us long enough didn't it??

*sighs* Sorry, we had a bit of butting heads here and there (two stubborn people working together.. lol!)

Some things didn't get done we thought had been done.. so we had to get them done..

plus there's 10 frames.. 10.. o.O;; okay.. well only 9 have original art... frame 9 is a cop out because we both experienced burnout.. but.. it doesn't matter because I've seen tons of comics copy paste the same darn thing and then just change like.. an eyebrow placement or a mouth shape or even just a minor hand movement.. so.. Nyaah *sticks out tongue*


Well, it is here.. :) Finally.. We're both very sorry for how long it has taken.. the next page shouldn't take .. well.. what.. 2 weeks? *sighs*  and it also shouldn't be as long.. and should be actually minorly "funny"

Also, on a minorly un-related note.. (to the comic page I mean) I added a second banner ad to the top of the page. It's for gamefly.. gamefly rocks.. :) It rocks as much as netflix rocks and well.. everyone knows how awsome netflix is.  Anyway, the banner for gamefly will be helping pay for nendaiki's webspace and advertising.. So, even if you just wanna give Gamefly the free 2-week trail (so totally worth it btw) you'll be helping Nendaiki stay afloat.. ^_^ so, perhaps you'll be willing to give it a try neh?

 Anyway, I gotta run.. I've got other stuff to get to and tonight we should be finalizing plans for Nendaiki page 21..

20.. wow.. we made it 20 pages.. ^_^;; I never actually imagined a project i started would last and get off the ground.  But somehow, with the amazing fans we have.. we actually end up with pageviews.. even without advertising (although i'd love to be able to purchase advertising at larger sites like Megatokyo and Something positive.. sadly.. that's beyond Nendaiki's budget at the moment.. :( ).. so.. I'd say we aren't TOO badly off..

anyway! enough of my rambles.. which I'm hopeful everyone will get used to.. :) I'll probably do one every time we get a comic up.. lol! ^_^



edit: hahah! I can type.. REALLY i can.. I just can't read Timo's handwriting sometimes.. *dies* 

ffxplayer (ffxplayer) says: Coooolllllll.  I like.  Hmmm, he's about to see her AGAIN isn't he? 
Yuki (nendaiki) says: LOL! ^_^ maybe, who knows.. hehehe
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