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OMGs!!... Less than 3 weeks between putting something up?? Say it isn't so!! WOW! *laughs* okay,... So this is page "22" we felt this was.. well it had to be enough in between page 21 and 23.. we needed something there.. to fill a void.. so page 22 is "simple" yet the detail alone took AWHILE to get done.. seriously.. i've been working on this ink and tone ect for what time i've had today... mostly.. it took about 3.5hrs *ahem* more than most frames of Nendaiki take.. thats for certain..

*shrugs* Timo did the majority of the artwork.. I just had to do Kisa.. :) it was planned this way of course.. I didn't expect him to draw so much detail in the things other than the characters.. however. I am very happy with the results.

I'm currently 40ish% done with page 23.. I've got half a frame to draw, Timo has 3 to do, and I have ink and tone of everything and then all the finishings (text, putting it all together yadda yadda) look for it... sometime this week I hope!! (We are hoping for friday or sat!! ^_^)


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ffxplayer (ffxplayer) says: Awww, and Kisa looks so cute peeking aroung him!
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