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Yea.. I know, it's been FAR FAR too long since we had a page up.. let's just say some stuff happened that kept us busy IRL that we didn';t get/have much time to work on Nendaiki..

yes, I finished the last frame i needed to draw.. no I havent inked or toned any of it.. yes, I'll be getting to that right as soon as I get the baby down for a nap.. she's trying to get up the stairs right now so I think she's trying to tell me she needs one anyway....


Well, I drew this picture in the van today.. went around as Timo did his work and I got bored while being driven around all day so I drew.. most of this drawing was done while he was driving.. yes.. while the van was moving.. man it was hard.. and i started with a .07 pencil and I hate them muchly... so going from that and fixing it with a .05 was hard.. and with Timo's eraser... man i wish the oldest didn't lose my Nendaiki pencil (the one I use only for drawing..) now I gotta go replace it later.. lol!

No real reason for drawing her.. other than boredom and wanting to get something up here thats new for the sake of saying sorry and we'll be back ASAP..

... she made it up the stairs, I gotta go! 

ffxplayer (ffxplayer) says:

What is it with kids and stairs?!!!  They seem to have some mad attraction! 

For a moving car-wrong pencil drawing, it's nice!

Yuki (nendaiki) says:

lol! I was happy i didn't have stairs before any of the oldest 3 were younger than 14 months, but now I've got an 11 month old in love with getting up them. Oh my!

and thankyou. :) not too bad if I do say so myself.. ^_^;; back to work now. Really! 

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