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due to hard drive failure of the hard drive all of Nendaiki (and all my other art.. and freelance work) was on... Nendaiki is further delayed.. mainly because.. well.. I can't GET to any of the work that i was doing (70% toning the frames i got finished!) .. I am trying to salvage it all onto a different hard drive.. it isn't going well.. I've spent 2hrs now just trying... some of Nendaiki's files are ruined... thankfully, they are older ones and can be easily replaced.. the ones for page 23 SEEM to be okay.. for now.. I will let everyone know how it goes later.. *sigh*

the chick above is a character from a comic I was going to start years back called "A lighter shade of darkness"

lightershade.. actually my make an appearance someday.. :)  

ffxplayer (ffxplayer) says:

Sounds cool, what's it about?

She looks nice BTW.   Good Luck with the hard drive crash!

Yuki (nendaiki) says:

Thankyou, :) that picture is like 3?? years old..

Can't say what it's about yet.. but she's one of the main characters.  :) I'm actually excited to get started on it..

and thanks for the good luck wishes! I managed to get all but some completely ruined frames from the comic (nendaiki..) off of it.. and have all the frames drawn for page 23.. inked, and most are done being toned/grey scaled... just gotta finish em and put it all together. :)  

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