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"Kousuru" means to (do) like this....

As I should show this to say this is how I will be coloring.. err..greyscaling.. Nendaiki. Probably a little better than this.. as it was a small picture.. and the detail got a little mushed.. I believe, I will be doing Nendaiki in color.. and then telling photoshop to make it greyscale to keep Nendaiki grey after I have done the coloring my way.

I vastly prefer this way of coloring.. as it's "my" style so to speak.. that I have developed over time and tried my best at.. Nendaiki's coloring... err.. GREYing.. so far.. has been a painful thing on my eyes and my "poor" artist soul.. as it doesn't seem well done. Despite my efforts.. simply I think, because it's not really a style that I am fond of having myself do. Despite trying to do it since November! *sigh* So Nendaiki will be having a change in that regard as I can't stand the sub-par appearance of how I was doing things. 

Sadly, all the tone/grey has been all my doing. So anything that looks poorly done about it? Yea.. that's all because I was trying hard to muddle through that is considering "Manga'ish" in the way of doing things.. hmm..

Well I can say that it doesn't have to be typical to  make a good comic right? there are very many ways to do things.. I really do prefer my way when it comes to me having to be doing it. :)

So thank you to everyone for sticking by with Nendaiki so far, despite issues and lateness, bad art we've had to force some times to get ourselves through slumps or simply because we did not feel like letting anyone down. ^_^;;. We are it seems very busy! and we will of course keep trying to get Nendaiki faster, it has been another hectic month. I think because the weather started getting warm and I have been sewing dresses for the girls, the baby turns 1 year on May 19th.. and various story, layout, color, ect changes that come last minute and have to be very time consumingly talked about since this is a joint effort. :) sometimes, we don't see eye to eye. So it takes trying to work through that situation soon..

Nendaiki page 24 will be up shortly. We have one frame that needs finished.. everything else is DONE 100%.. its already on the page background, all the text is in place.. and just waiting on the last one. that I attempted to do for Timo.. but SUCKED at.. so he'll be doing it after work.. I can get to the ink+greying after that.. :) so look foward to it!!



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