Updates once a week.

It is about time huh??

I told you we'd have it up shortly! ^_^ *ahem* He really is cold, really he is. *snickers* poor Max.. poor Kisa! *giggle fit*

I'm so tired! *yaaaawn* so I haven't the state of mind to really post a big long thing here.. I did yesterday.. with a half bit of frame 6? (cant remember now rofl.. I believe it was..yes.. yes it was! 6.) to show style change..

I didn't use it all of this comic.. I didn't go back and redo what was already done.. we are late late beyond late as is..

Now then.. I'll write something letter if I have a moment. Tomorrow we will be doing the layout for page 25, as well as I will probably get out the art for a frame or two.. :)

Happy birthday to my littlest one!! ^_^ 

ETA- ugggh... *bangs head against desk* forgot something.. in frame 6 and 7.. the grey haze around the pictures? Yah.. that means it a flashback.. ^_^ just incase no one could figure out what I was trying to hack out there! hah! ^_^

Page 25 should be up in a couple of days. Since I already know exactly what I am doing this time! ~_^ so look foward to it, by friday.. at the latest.. and I MEAN it this time! ^_^; 



ffxplayer (ffxplayer) says:

YES!  I knew that's what he'd say!  Oh boy, she's as innocent as a newborn kitten, that poor guy.  LOCK THE DOOR NEXT TIME!!!

 Awww, B-days are wonderful! 


Yuki (nendaiki) says: LOL! she slipped in right when he did, locking the door wouldn't have mattered.. but he probably should have closed it right behind him eh? ^_^;
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