Updates once a week.

^_^ the "comic" sort of explains it all.

Basically, Timo and I are sick.. like... box of kleenex a day nose driping sick, mixed with him working 6-7day weeks. Weather changes that kick the heck outta my arthritis (darn you stupid joints!) being sick, and tons of spring cleaning (aka: when everyone was sick here for the majority of a month and a half.. non-important cleaning got pushed aside.. and there is clutter to be dealt with.. meaning lots of trash bags, time, and finding home for stuff we just dun need..).. Both Timo and I are a little overwhelemed... and lost at getting GOOD looking frames out.. and we dont want to give everyone really bad frames... you know.. like the stuff we've forced out before?

...yea.. that stuff.. *laughs* We don't want to subject you all to that.. not again at least.. ^_^ so please bear with us.. and please dont hesitate to ask questions to the email addy listed above. I know only one person regularly leaves us comments on Nendaiki.. I dunno if thats because no one else likes us (lol okay, I'm kidding!) or just because no one wants to waste the time signing up with WCN (our host) just to make a comment.. LOL.. either way. I am fairly sure that there is at least 1 or 2 questions people want to know.. Just don't ask things like. "What's happening next" .. because the answer will be "you'll have to wait till June 13th :P~"

 Okay...I gotta take a shower, and most anti-histamines.. so I can breath again!

ffxplayer (ffxplayer) says:

Wow, if that's your 5 min sketch, I mean WOW.  My would NOT look like that, it'd be a "doodle".


Ahem, hope that helps.  So, housework, I feel your pain, I just finished cleaning a glass cabinet.  Dragging shelves in and out, crawling in it to wipe it down, dragging it out, UGH.  It'd be much worse when sick.  Hope ya guys feel better!

Yuki (nendaiki) says:

Aside from you commenting (which is the highlight of some of my afternoons by the way, I truly appreciate you taking the time to do so!) no one has even emailed a question yet.. hehe.. ^_^; It's not like it's a terrible thing. Nendaiki is fairly new, probably not at all well known (although we do manage 2000ish unique vistors a month.. which is somethin.. at least to me!), and not even sure if well liked.. though we are getting up there on the voting sites. (yay!). So it's certainly nice. And so far only one donator. Which is okay of course *laughs* sadly I may have to get a PT job, and put Nendaiki back to even slower updates though..

and yea.. that's a 5min (okay 5 1/2 min..lol.) sketch.. because its a super simple pose..and I've drawn Kisa a lot.. ^_^
Samuel Guerin (gale) says:

Yo! I found this comic about three months ago. Then I lost it. I could not get the name spelled correctly! But a lass I have found it again! ---- Funny stuff a side for a moment, I was lucky enough to actually find nendaiki a earlier in its development. And I must say that I hate it. I hate it because it was good enough to make me fall in love with it! So therefore I like it!  To put it simply, I really enjoy this comic a lot more then famous ones I found. because it very original and very cute!! *u* I can’t really explain why I truly enjoy this comic except that I do.  So congrats on your very original, very cute comic!Sorry for the long comment but I felt I should make up for three months of not being able to comment. Last thing for this comment, promise! I really think that having comment bar in your comic is a really cool thing to do.Bye for now

Yuki (nendaiki) says:

Wow, ^_^ well that certainly wasn't expected.

To be honest, when I got to the "I must say that I hate it" I had a drop in heart.. LOL! I thought "oh no, Nendaiki's first negative comment" .. but then I kept reading. ^_^ Thanks so much! We both really appreciate that! 

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