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While we work some kinks out of the story and overall layout of the next.. well.. 5-6 pages.. The writing it done for that, now we're working on outline/layouts.. and we'll be starting the art in a little bit. :)

This is the character design for the girl.. Ahh.. I drew it while in the van again.. of course he was driving so I was drawing because on his days that i get to go around with work with him sometimes it gets .. okay.. is normally sort of boring because there isn't much I can do.. She was drawn of course.. before the page that I had to draw her in.. Man.. I've missed doing stuff for Nendaiki.. for a week and a half, and no one had a single question about it.. so I didn't do.. well.. much of anything >.<

Anyway, onto Nendaiki work.. :) Enjoy the picture and we will have a page up as soon as we can.


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