Updates once a week.

Um.. well.. it's still Wednesday here..

I'm sorry it's late.. Timo got a bit .. err... caught in Everquest.. so I had to do two frames for him that he was supposed to do.. but Didn't.. Well, I did my best.. I'm sorry its so late.. again.. like I said.. Tried my best with everything else that I had to get done today.. thankfully.. cutting the page in half means I have a little more time on the next page.. which works.. :)


 E* I make typos my 6 1/2 year old wouldn't... Thankyou SB ^_^

S B (emhilradim) says:

Lots of typoes, or just very stupid banditos.


EverQuest, eh?  What chars do you play?  When I still played the game, I was partial to...  Ummm...  I think it was a Human Paladin...  It's been roughly 3 years, so, yeah, not entirely sure these days. 

Yuki (nendaiki) says:

opps for Typos.. that'd be "Yuki is rushing again..." Typos... but they're stupid too.. ^_^;;  (getting those fixed tho!.. e* but i can only find.. 1?.. hmm.. .. its early in the am.. )

LOL! that is exactly what Timo plays.. a Human Paladin.. *grins* Me? I have mild epilespy so the game is really hard for me to handle with the skipping graphics and all.. that and basic character movements and navigation through the world tend to make me either die.. a lot.. or get dizzy and dioriented (which would... actually explain the dying too..) so I'd have to log out. ^_^ I prefer Lineage 2! 

S B (emhilradim) says:

Well, the typoes I saw were the 'sallow your souls' (which you fixed), and the 'demon price' (which isn't fixed yet =p).  Other than that, some grammatical fixes which you already did.

I am somewhat infamous amongst my friends about grammar, so, I sometimes point stuff out too quickly.  Sorry.

I stopped playing EverQuest because personally I didn't appreciate working two jobs (so to speak).  Same reason I gave up WoW...  I would go to work, work 8 hours a day, come home, spend 8 hours on some MMO, and do it all again the next day, and I worked "double shifts" of the MMO on weekends.

A great (as in size, not level of excellence =p) time sink for me, and definitely not worth the time I put into it, as I was getting nothing back.  I'd rather just roll some dice in a game of D&D, it's fun, lots of people (rather than gaming in the dark alone), and there's always a good story which comes of it.

Yuki (nendaiki) says:

Ah that's true.. and damn.. you did notice what I failed to..(that's what I get for fixing typos at 2am by the way.. LOL!)

I don't play many MMO's.. I rarely play L2 maybe 2 times a  month? Far too busy to play for 8 hours ever. o.O and Timo's far too busy but gets a bit of time on them. Thankfully minus a dark room, as his computer is right next to mine *eyes it* Off to fix the typo! thanks for noticing, at 2am.. I hardly notice squat! ^_^ 

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