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Just a quick little test animation of Kisa..

I'm not an animator.. I don't even have a lightbox and Ihave no -REAL- idea of what I am doing. LOL, but I have adobe image ready and know that it's easy to make little animated gifs.. so I figured.. why not? A little place thingy while we work on page 28 and 29.. this is fixed up.. I had to fix her shoulders and chest.. because the first time around I really did bad at em.. they look much better now. I'll ink and color this eventually. Probably after I get page 28 at least inked and toned what is done of it (70% drawn.. I just gotta take care of one frame, Timo has two, and I gotta ink and tone everything..) Anyway. I've got lots of housework to do this AM (laundry.. blarghh... and the kitchen.. which needs done every day around here.. hah) so at nap time (in about 4 hours..) I will get to work on Nendaiki...

Enjoy the little blip of Kisa for now.. Eventually she'll make it to a standing..

Maybe I should do max too?! ^_^



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