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*ahem* we really had meant to have this up sooner. But thiss... alas.. has been a week of catasophies. First of all, the car died. Lost a belt and needed to have another replaced... got it. Fixed that. Good. Tuesday while Timo was 50 miles away doing some work.. his work truck has issues.. as in.. lug nuts flying off car issue. He gets some trouble, takes like 3+ hrs to get it fixed.. he tries to finish what work he can with most places being closed.. he's on his way home, taking the slower route than the freeway.. Truck troubles again. This time it takes about 1-2hrs for the mechanic to get there (well it was like a 40min drive.. plus he had his arms in something as was..) then they can't find a autoparts place with the part thats open (because shucks *sp??* didn't have and it was the only place open..) Finally, they call it for the evening.. Timo gets home at 8:50pm.. after having left here at 7am.. no way were either of us in the mood nor condition to do Nendaiki work (though I had done some inking). Wednesday rolls around and he leaves here at 9am ish with the mechanic. Of all days to be trying to fix your large work truck on the side of the road in the heat 4th of July wasn't one of em.. he finally makes it back home at near 4pm.  Truck still isn't fully fixed, but fixed well enough to make it back into town and into state (he was over in the next state..). Comes home, shower, foot rub, lounging about and relaxing time.. Then we got to try and get the van to actually start.. *sigh* takes about an hr to charge and figure out whats wrong with it. We make it over to my parents and we do 4th of July stuff..

BTW, safeway diet cola works JUST as well as Diet coke for Diet coke and mento's fountains... LOL! and it was for sale on $0.80 a 2litre .. so that was awsome, we should have gotten more than 4!

Anyway.. we stay gone until about 9pm, get home and get the babies to bed. (one of which was very tired and passing out in a friends arms.. awww.. it was so cute!) then we finish the last half of our house DVD because we so badly wanted to see the season final of Season 2... wow.. by then it was 11:30ish..And we go to bed.. Take it to yesterday.. Thursday.. Timo's out in a little no place town here in this state over an hour away.. Car breaks down again (the one that broke down earlier in the week...) .. he lugs the battery a mile in 90 degree heat to the nearest auto parts store.. they say they can charge it.. but it'll take 40min.. eventually they call him and say the battery is no good, and he has to go buy a new one.. so he does, lugs that new batter the mile back to the van.. gets it running, finishes what he has to do in the little pissant town.. tries to make it back to our city.. van dies again a few blocks from work.. won't start again.. needless to say he walked back to the shop did some work. Dad comes by tries to see whats wrong with the van. Says it might be the starter.. okay.. so we try calling the mechanic for the 4th time that day.. Finally, about an hr? or so later he gets back to me. Goes to check out the van. No, he thinks its the alternator but its so late at this point he cant go get a new one.. *head thud* so needless to say.. Timo gets a ride home from the mechanic, and i help him with his shoes, give him a foot rub and order him to take a shower because he's been burning up (i've never seen a darker skined person get a sun burn, but he has one!), and he's dirty... we much through the rest of the evening do what we need to do.. and after the kids go to bed I finished my toning of my frames of Nendaiki while Timo finally has the time to get his done. And despite his terrible week he pulled through..

Good job honey, I'm sorry it's been such a terrible week. Let's hope for a better week next week! *laughs*

Also, still no word on the van.. I'd really like to go get groceries..  with the heat wave hitting here I can't put the kids through the 1.3 mile round trip it is to the store, the way there being up hill.. *head on desk*

Either way, here is page 28. I've gotten 4 out of 7 frames drawn for page 29.. which means i've gotten a fairly good head start.

Sunday at 12:30am I am leaving on a greyhound towards seattle again, have to pick up the oldest two from another visit with ex-husband. We wont be back until 11:55pm.. I'll be sore, tired and probably a little grouchy at this point. 12+hrs on a greyhound in a 24hr time span is really hard. LOL But, I will do my best to get page 29 up as soon as I possibly can. As far as Nendaiki goes, July looks like a better month for us than June. (I am sorry about June, but I had to get a part time at home job.. so.. it's taken a lot of Nendaiki time away from me..because pay is lowish and you have to work a lot to make it worth it..)  So, look foward to us getting out 4-5 pages this month (well 3-4 more since this is one of them).

If there are any Seattle-based Nendaiki fans. I will mostly be bumming it around downtown. Both in the international district (because I am a dork and love it, and because one of the girls really loves any green tea flavored goodies I can get..) and in the big huge arcade I saw but didn't get to go to last time *shakes fist* if anyone would like to meet up anyplace (i don't bite, and it's in public. lol) I'd love to have someone to chat with for a few while bumming it around town. :P of course, you dun have to.. but.. ya know? *shrugs* I may even be willing to do a sketch for ya. :P

 okay.. well.. enough from me!.. Hope we have a better rest of the month.. and hope the best for the van? I'd really appreciate positive thoughts and energy right about now.. heh

*E's : fixed some mistakes ect..


 Page 29 Status report: 7/7 drawn (yay!) 0/7 inked  0/7 toned ..  (which is good news.. means all I have to do is the last part of stuff when I get back from seattle monday..)  Page 29 should be up by.. wednesday? and after that page 30 is due the following weds/thurs

S B (emhilradim) says:

Just thought I'd point out that one of the pages seems to be broken...


Yuki (nendaiki) says: SB-  I checked it out.. and it seems to be just fine. o.O.. thats an old page too.  can you tell me what about it seems broken to you though?
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