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I have to make this quick.. if there are typos.. forgive it?

Monday, while doing what i usually do *heafting around the youngest* i opulled a muscle in my lower back.. it was all i could do not to drop her on the kitchen floor as the pain ripped down my entire right side..

Timo got me to the ER.. as even over an hour later the pain was still agonizing..

Two shots (one pain killers.. one muscle relaxer..) and nearly 2 hours later.. I get to come home with a weeks worth of pain killers (narcotic ones.. ones they arent supposed to give ya if you can't be watcghed really careful) and a week of muscle relaxers.. needless to way.. I've been sleeping most of the time since monday afternoon.. and when I'm not.. I'm trying to get down any food that wont make me sick or trying not to spazz out because i just feel totally messed up.. right now..? I am trying to avoid taking the meds... I hurt. my brain is swimming and i'm trying in desperation to work on page 29.. I am inking stuff.. which is what I would have done monday.. had I not somehow stupidly managed to hurt myself by going to clean the baby off after lunch.. Please.. bear with me.. I will get Nendaiki up.. as soon as i can manage... damn.. I feel like a liar.. it should be here by now.. its 330 pm wednesday.. i said wednesday.. i meant wednesday.. but i didnt foresee pain.. I'm trying.. I promise I am... 

7/7 drawn, 5/7 inked... 0/7 toned...sitting hurts.... as soon as i get these last two inked.. i've got to take the meds.. and i've got to get rest.. because it's really bad right now.. I'm so sorry minna-san!! (everyone.. )

 ~yuki  (who is ever thankful that timo could stay home from work to help care for me and keep the house and kids taken care of)

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