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Special Edit: Nendaiki would like to welcome all of our new readers from the comic RedString!! thanks for stopping by!


Actually.. this could have been done last night.

I had to just put everything together.. but had to wait till this morning. Sorry, meds kicked in last night and I had to deal with that. *grins* But here ya go, less than a week since the last page! go me! *falls over* Next page?... Probably next thursday/friday as well. :) One a week.. hopefully.. shouldn't be too hard!

E: going to see how things go minus google and gamefly banners.. but adding a new PW banner at the bottom in place of the one google.. :) hopefully it will work okay. I'm going to see what I can do about making the layout of this look better in general.. wish me luck! 

E2: page 30 will be out last half page,.. half pages are not working well. It's leaving.. ehh.. things too 'boring' looking for me.. and is not flowing very well at all. Page 31 will mark the return of decent sized pages, and the return of me taking over most of the art and a few other changes. Also, eventually. I will be going back and editing bad frames out of  past pages..  not sure when this will happen.. but it will.. eventually.. ^_^ The story will progress alot better from page 30 on out... 30 is more interesting and things get better from there. I am sorry we've had such a rocky patch. Please bear with us.. ^_^



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