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Ara!! *falls over* I almost didn't make it in time.. I stayed up really late to get as much done as I could, and went to bed with my eyes burning. Today I've done what I had left (one frame left to ink, and 2 1/2 to color).. Between dishes, laundry, breakfast, lunch and the two youngest (the oldest two are gone again)... Whew! now I can actually eat something other than a pudding cup!! *grin*

Originally.... I was going to start with color on page 31.. but Timo said I might as well start it now..

So here is one of the changes to Nendaiki.. I'll be doing them in color.. because.. well.. I like them this way.. :) Oh.. and it's easier on my poor eyes (me=need glasses..) to be looking at color.. than to be staring at black and white all the time (that's really hard my eyes feel like they're gonna dry up and fall out sometimes whew!)

Thanks again and welcome again to all the viewers coming over from red string! We really appreciate you all stopping by!! Hopefully we've gained a couple of fans along the way this week. :) We'd love to have you come by to visit more often (than just when I have advertising on Restring..)

 The Project wonderful banner ads seem to be working well. I know they might be annoying, but if you could give em a click just to take a peek that'd be great. :) Means people will still want to advertise here. Which means that they'll pay for the banner space and I can pay for Nendaiki's hosting and more advertisting space (probably on redstring, we have good luck with pageviews from here.. :) )  It's not too hard, and just takes a second to make the click that advertisers want so much.. and hey, even I go and check out every site that advertises, because I love to see who is on our little space here... whew! anyhooo.. ^_^


(ps. I hope those who had been commenting here are okay. the silence is kind of scary *hears an echo..*)


Edit: As you can tell, Page 31 is going to be a little late.. Sunday was a bit of a fiasco (with the girls and I almost not making it home from Seattle as scheduled.. oh my..), and sunday I took the day to recouperate from that disaster plus work on a picture I drew while over in Seattle (I inked and coloring it and put it up in my DevArt) (oh that and work has made me busy..) Here is the progress for Page 31 (Which I should have up by.. sometime Saturday..)  Drawn: 11/13 inked 11/13(I'm inking that 11th one right now..) colored: 2/13 half colored: 9/13  (I do the color for all the frames one part at a time.. starting with hair, then skin, and then ect ect... lol)

 Sorry for the delays!! *shuffles off back to work* 

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