Updates once a week.

Sorry for the delays.. uhh.. I hit a slump. A slump for me is like "emo" time and i hate that sometimes they are hard to shake. Very hard to get much of anything done through, when you get the feeling that "no one gives a damn" when indeed the opposite is true.

But, I did meet the goal of one a week.. so I am not completely behind.. ^_^; Timo was supposed to do two of the frames.. but this morning before breakfast told me to just do them.. which put more on my plate.. but that's okay, because it's done now and that's what matters.. and it doesn't look half bad.. even with tons of side views that made me want to fall over dead (me=sucks at profile pictures... blaaah to them!)

 Nendaiki now has a LJ community. :) come join if you'd like. ^_^  http://community.livejournal.com/nendaikis_comic/

 EDIT: Due to extremely unexpected circumstances (really, frustrating and difficult to deal with..) there will be no Nendaiki update this week. I'm too far behind to pull it out as I've got to be in seattle again sunday.. so I'll be leaving home at 830pm to sit around the greyhound station for hours until my bus..bla bla bla (stuff i dont need to bother anyone with,...) I wont even be able to spend all of sunday working on it.. But, I should be able to hopefully get two pages out next week.

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