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Well, it's still August.. ^_^; I said I'd get page 32 up sometime this month! Amazingly (to me) I've pulled it off. Now to start work on page 33 and get her up Weds of next week.. We should be pretty good to go soon here. We had a lot of stuff go on that, well I don't want to bother people with the details of. ^_^

We're back!! sorry for the being behind and all, but we're here still!!



E* With the first day of school (tuesday) and doctors appoints (weds and thurs), plus a preschool enrollment (thurs), and a "re-lease" walkthru (allows us, not to HAVE to move.. weds). My butt it getting kicked, I'm still going to work as much as I can on Nendaiki. I am seeing though, more of a Friday out date than tomorrow. Sorry all~ ^_^;

 Edit2: Blah, okay, it's late. and I'm working on it. But I wanted to say a quick HELLO! to Everyone coming over from Something*Positive. Thanks for stopping by!

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