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E~! Everyone is probably wondering where a new page is right?? Well I'm sorry to say that we've hit a rather rough patch (with things I don't wish to put right out here in the open) hopefully things will go okay. But until further notice, I'll probably be soloing a new comic (Timo hast to take a breat for stress related reasons..), or just working on commissions. I'm very sorry to do this :( as I know we already took a break in August.. We'll be back though, and better than before! (during this time, we also plan on doing some revisions to previous done pages, including fixing art, story, website touchups, ect)

Please look foward to our return! Thank you all! 


*big yawn* oh goodness, I know i said late friday/early sat.. Please forgive me? One night the youngest wouldn't sleep, next night she slept but fussed a few times, then last night neither Timo nor I could sleep.. plus the next youngest (the only boy.. that makes it easier) decided he wants to try sleeping in his bed again instead of the playpen/sleep pen whatever... so that was interesting.. he did well. I didn't.. oh.. and elbows in the back sleep (no Timo, I'm not holding a grudge!LOL)

But here it is.

I'd like to ask everyone a favor? If you have a WCN acct, and can leave a comment. Tell me what you like better? Right now, I hage this page (34) up here without doing the "multiply" blending option to the frames.. I like it better this way, Timo like the multiply option.. I think it makes Max's hair look grainy and greatly takes away from all the work I put in coloring everything. So, if you like it this way, tell me, if you like it how it was being done (with the multiply setting) tell me. OR if you don't have a WCN acct to note me here, please? just use the little "Email us!" link I added awhile ago that should be just a bit below this rant/talk space?

I'd greatly appreciate everyones input! ..now, off to go make some coffee and make lunch..



 E* *falls over dead* Timo pointed out.. that I forgot some of Kai's rambling ((he talks too much!!)) it's fixed now.. ^_^;

E: Page 1 of Nendaiki has been changed, totally redrew the image and it's now in color. All old pages of Nendaiki that get replaced will be placed over in "Nendaiki Old" .. which is where I'll store the first... probably.. 27?? pages of Nendaiki..

ffx player (ffxplayer21) says:

I like this style better!  Anyhoo, oh boy, poor Max is NOT having a good day...


P.S.  I'd have posted comments sooner, but my account went on the fritz and I had to re-registar...blah 

Yuki (nendaiki) says: Yeah, max is sort of having a bad bit of luck isn't he?
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