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It's been too long since we've (err I've right now) done anything for Nendaiki.. it's put me in an awful slump that has completely hindered my ability to draw (believe me.. I've tried and with tragic results)

anyway... I was laying in bed unable to sleep *again..* and it hit me.. I need to do.. SOMETHING.. so at 11:47PM a trudge here downstairs and hunt for paper, and my pencil (that i had long misplaced at this point..) and here i am....

It's not the best.. sorry.. its now 12:45AM that I write this (sorry had to scan and do a little touch up in photoshop..) .. and I'm finally feeling tired.. and not too surprisingly.. my mood has been lifted about 20%.. I'll see what i can do tomorrow ^_^;

It's just a quicky.. since the story is focused on Max and Kai right now.. I figured I'd throw a little Kisa in.. it's not OVERLY important to the story by ANY means.. but.. as I said.. I HAD to do SOMETHING

<3 Yuki 

Ps. it says "Alone"  "That's how they'll find you"   "Strange, was that open before?"  "Wait is that..."  "Me?" 

Samuel Guerin (gale) says:

This story always seems to have a sad twist which allows the readers to dive deeper into the charaters. very nice job !

Mitcheal Jensen (mitch) says: I love your stuff, will wait patiently for more
Yuki (nendaiki) says:

you do??

Thanks.. though I am not sure when this main storyline of Nendaiki will continue.. I will most likely be moving Solo into a different section of Nendaiki.. it wont ruin any of the current story line... but it'll give me something to do. ^_^ At least until Timo is ready to move forward with Nendaiki.. which will bring about a fair bit of changes.. and possibly a redo of all of the art.. including putting everything into color.. and fixing some of the really BAD pages.. ^_^;



Mitcheal Jensen (mitch) says: yes I do, please continue at your own pace and do not feel in a rush to hurry your two art work - will continue to look in to see if you have an update posted.  Be well, be happy ;)
Mitcheal Jensen (mitch) says: just popped in to say 'Hi!"
Mitcheal Jensen (mitch) says: oi!!
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