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Yuki ||   

um... ^_^;; I'm not very good at these things! Welcome to Nendaiki!
i've been wanting to make a webcomic for ages now, but I've been too chicken to ever do it. However I'm going to do it now.. actually I should say WE are going to do this now.. :) Because Timo will be doing some of the work.. (mostly story)..
but still .. ^_^ Umm.. I've been drawing for about.. 5 years.. and I've gotten about a million times better in that time.. seriously.. I could show you some of my beginning stuff.. but it'd probably make your eyes bleed.. if you want to..
you can email me and request that i post it.. if enough people ask.. i may just show you.. ^_^;; you've been warned though!! ^_^ Love and chocolates!! ~Yuki

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