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Chris Akins
A young half white, half Mexican with a very unusual imagination and the initiative to use it. ... more
Mike Lee
A simpleminded person with an abnormally large white-fro. In all honesty, his ridiculas hair is the only thing keeping him sane. ... more
A very quiet Mexican penguin who bears a small sombrero and two six shooters. ... more
A very mysterious talking squirrel who too dreams of world domination. He is an evil genius, capable of building sophisticated weaponry and other equipment. ... more
Tyler Adkins
A very angry heavey set person with a bowl haircut and a short sleeved Waldo shirt. ... more
Devon Johnson
The obnoxious, sexist, and foul-mouthed member of the Devon And Roseberry duo. ... more
Michael Roseberry
The quiet and more reserved member of the Devon And Roseberry duo ... more
Forrest Cook
A Boy With A Hook For A Hand. Don't Get Too Attached ... more
Megan Tackett
She is a girl. That's right. ... more
Evan Strother
Perhaps the only voice of reason, Evan is a very skilled musician, who has a knowlege of the past of Chris and Mike. ... more
This character bears a striking resemblence to Tyler aside from his signiture mohawk. He however, is in no way similar in personality. ... more
Jordan Brown
Is black. ... more
Rachel Williams
A beautiful blonde with a voluptuous figure and a disintrest in losers. ... more
Wong Chung
A very shady Korean resturaunt owner who for some reason only seems to sell turkey. ... more
A group of metallic AI built by loser genius Victor to keep him company. ... more
Victor Gardner
A nerdy genius that can rival Tim in his Techno savy. ... more

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NERDISM COMICS Is A Comic Company Located In Fayetteville, NC, Run By Two High School Kids. "Nerdism Comics" Is A Webcomic Written And Drawn By Christian Akins Featuring Mike Lee. They Plan On Changing The Future Of Entertainment As You Know It. ... full profile