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NERDISM COMICS Is A Comic Company Located In Fayetteville, NC, Run By Two High School Kids. "Nerdism Comics" Is A Webcomic Written And Drawn By Christian Akins Featuring Mike Lee. They Plan On Changing The Future Of Entertainment As You Know It.

 Christian Akins: He Has An Amazing Talent Of Drawing And Writing And Telling Jokes. Being An Extremely Smart Kid, He Dosen't Mind Gloating. He Also Doesn't Mind Being A Nerd. He's Addicted To Video Games, Such As Halo And Rock Band And His Favortie Movie Is Now The Dark Knight But Soon To Be Watchmen. He Loves Zombies and Anything To Do With Them. He Hates Emo Music and Loathes Rap. He Is Currently Writing Tons Of Stories Involving Anything From Superpowered Werewolves, To A Zombie Infested Apocolypse, To Four Kids Trying To Survive A Hectic Day At School. If You Ever Want To Laugh, You Know Who To Go To. Just Don't Expect Him To Be Nice.

Michael Lee: He Has The Amazing Ability To Make Everyone In The Room Feel Smarter. He's attempted To Get Superpowers Using A Microwave, A Glass Jar, And A Spider. He's Addicted To Fall Out Boy, The Beatles, And The Doors, and He's Obsessed With The Dark Knight, The Nightmare Before Christmas, And The Breakfast Club. You'll Probabaly Catch Him Watching The Simpsons All The Time. So Far, He Hasn't Killed Himself Or Anyone Else With His Stupid Stunts, But that Dosen't Mean He Has Stopped Trying. When He Becomes A Famous Movie Director One Day He Plans On Dedicating His First Oscar To The People Who Never Believed In His Dreams, And Once He Turns 16, He's Gonna Buy An Ice Cream Truck To Drive Around In