Tales of Dead Earth
Is Coming Soon!
Tales of Dead Earth is a crude mix of Retro Science Fiction ala Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon with a Zombie Apocalypse Scenario featuring a female Protagonist armed with Rayguns. a 28 pg full color comicbook, Widescreenformated, selfpublished, written and drawn by me. Din a5 / 5.8 × 8.3inch /148 × 210mm its limited to 250 copies and each one comes with a personal sketch on the last interiour page. you can order it here: talesofdeadearth@googlemail.com Pricing (paypal only) 7 € in Germany(incl Postage) 8,40 € in Europe(incl Postage) 13 $ International(incl Postage) cheers
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Christian Krank professional works include colors for Tank Girl:Visions of Booga (idw), Tank Girl:skidmarks (titan comics), Tank Girl: the royal escape(idw) and Snaked (idw). he just released his selfpublished comicbook "Tales of Dead Earth" ... full profile