weekly maybe
Christian Krank (neuroturbostudio) says:

hi there dear reader. i got a coloring job over at IDW. i will be coloring upcoming miniseries "SNAKED" with issue 2 coming in january.

so i don´t know what this means to my DESTROY DYTOPIA updating schedule. so please, if just check in more often. the story will continue. maybe i am switching format. posting only one panel a week. lets see. stay tuned. love- christian 

Christian Krank (neuroturbostudio) says:

long time and still no update. sorry, dear readers. still working for IDW publishing. Artist Ruf Dayglo dragged my into his next project and so i am up to my head in work coloring a new Tank Girl mini series with original Tank Girl writer Alan C Martin.  you can order it now in the latest previews catalog.


s h (scrwtp) says: hope you get back to this soon Christian.  Some of the coolest art I've seen in webcomics and your storytelling shows serious improvement already, not that it was weak, but it is getting obviously better in a short amount of time.  I'm hooked!!!!
Marc Eagle (eagle) says:

Keep up the good work dude, awesome comic so far!

Josh Cripe (wiseeyes) says: Love the comic man. Makes me Nostalgic for Shadowrun and can't get enough of the Star Wars referrences. You're doing a good job with the story but the art is absolutely killer. You've got an incredible style going. Hope you find time to keep going with it.
susan lohan (susanlohan) says:

Love reading your comic. Your drawing looks great too. Wonderful work!


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