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Mike Hartley (kalbo50) says: This comic is so great! Gritty! Realistic! Easy to imagine a world thsi fucked up in the future the way we are going now. I'm 59 years old, and went through the 'hazy 60's" in San Francisco, avidly reading every underground comic I could Long with a lot of weed to enhancethe enjoyment (and there were a LOT of both). My favorite was by an artist named 'Rodriguez', and his work was full of street gangs and gang violence, with a gritty, busy cartooning style that really hit hard. I haven't seen anything near it until discovering 'Destroy Dystopia' and I have scoured the Internet since it came of age (I'm an IT geek/electronics engineer by profession, and have lived in Japan since 1984) manga are OK, but your style of combining scanned roughed-up sepia toned photos with the comic action brings the atmosphere of "Bladerunner" to my PC. Are you sellng any hard copy version of this comic? and how long do you plan to continue publishing it online? How can fans such as myself contribute some monetary support to starving artists who deserve it for a job well done?
Christian Krank (neuroturbostudio) says:

hi mike! thanx so much for your great words.that means so much to me.

sorry, no hardcopy of destroy dystopia, and sadly there won't be any more pages of DD soon. i am professionaly coloring comicbooks now, finally getting paid for what i love most. i just finished Tank Girl:Skidmarks for titan comics which will be out somewhen this year. the next project will also be a Tank Girl series. 

whenever a bit of spare time is available i work on some new short stories which i will probably  put online  soon!

check out my myspace page for any info of current and upcoming projects :)



best regards


christian :)



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