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Welcome to the Chasing The Wish Online Installment Subscription area. Here you'll find all the information you need to buy the online installments of the Chasing The Wish comic book, including what's included in the installments, how much they cost, when they will be available, and how to access them. The entire 48 page print version of Chasing The Wish will be presented in four weekly installments, beginning on Tuesday, May 23rd, and then each successive Tuesday. Installment 2 will therefore be available on May 30th, followed by 3 and 4 on June 6 and 13, respectively. Each weekly installment contains a minimum of 8 pages of story from the print version, as well as the cover, credits, introductory page, and other essential pages from the book. Each installment will also include the informational pages from the back of the comic book, with information about and messages from the creators of Chasing The Wish, and the setting for the story. Each online installment costs $2.00, and can be purchased separately or as one purchase for all four installments. You can use the PayPal buttons available on the Subscribe page to purchase the online content, and you will receive your access information within 24 hours of signing up. Questions and comments about the subscription service can be sent to: chasingthewish@new-fiction.com

Payment Instructions

Once you have subscribed, you will receive your log-in information by email within a few hours normally, but within 24 hours at the longest.

Chasing The Wish
Book One
Installment One

$2.00 US


Chasing The Wish
Book One
All Four Installments

$8.00 US


Chasing The Wish Book One
Online Installments

You can buy either single installments of the
Chasing The Wish comic or the entire series

One installment $2.00 US
All four installments $8.00 US

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