Nicole Ockerman ||   

Pretty much, this is just me trying to do something. I've had many ideas for comics and such in my life, but none have gone very far, usually because I've felt they were too influenced. My longest lived comic was called Mr. Evil. Pretty much, it was me releasing my inner demon on my vice principal in high school who had abused his power over me. After that, it became a bunch of random spoofs, two or three of which anger even me today. It started to get some story to it at one point, and then I sorta forgot about it. My main problem with it had been that not only was it a simple stick figure, it seemed like it was stolen from my earlier views of JTHM. It currently sits somewhere, saved only because I throw nothing of mine away. Until I get something a little more concrete, this will probably be more of a place to update little jokes made physical and such. We'll see. Wish me luck, and help me with my prayers this doesn't become a nightmarish replay of Devian Art and the ever so not fun 0-few views.