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TPT: The Story So Far ... ·

TPT: The Story So Far ...

 Story, you may ask?  Yes loyal and most honorable reader, there is a reason to the random.  The Righteous Fist is at stake!  If you are still not familiar with "Righty", please check out its amazing story in the character bios section of Three Panel Throwdown.

 Sixteen random combatants started Season 1 of the Throwdown all with the same goal.  They wanted the right to claim "Righty" as their right-hand ... umm ... trophy.  Now that all first round match-ups have concluded, the three semifinal matches start on May 3rd!  Since one match ended with a run-in and another ended in a draw, only six remain.  Those six are: Prime Rib, D&D, Postage Stamps, Luchadores, Johnny #5 and the Salvation Army.

The three winners will meet in a 3-WAY DANCE for "Righty" in a contest so incredible and colossal it can only be preseneted in SUPER SIX-PANEL SMACKDOWN-O-SCOPE!!!  In two installments!!

Keep it here for the dramatic and ridiculous second half of Season 1 of Three Panel Throwdown!!

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