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On Wednesdays.

It started off innocent enough. A friend of mine was kicking around the idea of running a role-playing game in a "Cthulhu-Punk" setting. I told Vic, who's had the tabletop RPG jones for a good while and his mind was racing.

But really, that's just a part of how we got to this point. The Dangos part comes in from the fact that Val, Vic and I often play Dragon Quest IX on the Nintendo DS. One of the "go-to" attacks on the game is called the "Fan Dango". We had often joked about "what if there was a Stan Dango? a Dan Dango?" and had a good laugh.

As you can see above, there now are concepts of a Dan and Stan Dango, as well as Lou and Stew. We were going to offer these characters to our friend Dan, who was running the game. Sadly, Dan passed away in August of 2012, 37 years young.

So, what should happen to these characters? Vic and I have ideas but what do you, the Dojo reader/follower, have to say about this curious quatro?

Leave your comments and ideas here or on Facebook or on twitter #nologicdojo! We look forward to your feedback!


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