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Behind the Scenes

Here's a Short list of a few of the Ideas we've considered for the comics. They may go in, they may not.


Some things that may cause what sounds like a funny match-up to not appear include but are not limited to:

-Can't come up with any bullet points.

-Can only think of dirty bullet points. (This is a clean show we try to run here.)

-The humor fades after the initial concept is thought of. (If it isn't at least chuckle worthy a week later, bye bye.)

-It's too offensive towards a certain group. (We're here for humor, not to tick anyone off.)


There may be other reaons, we'll find out when we get to them. Otherwise, if you have any Ideas you think are good, fell free to show them off at our facebook page or email them to


-Vic (the "Artist")

This here was a comic that Jaon and I had created to take advantage of an opportunity to get our name out, and create something involving one of my favorite book series. This was made for the program of the North American Discworld Convention.


It was down to the wire, and for the longest time we weren't exactly sure how well it would all fit together. Everything turned out fine, but we never heard how well it went over at the convention, and we haven't even seen one of the programs with it in yet. 


Fun and challenging, but also a big job to take up at the time as we were also producing the season finale of Three Panel Throwdown. I'd love to do something similar again, but next time, I would really have to manage my time better.


-Vic (the "Artist")

This is a fully realized colored version of War from one of the TPT comics. I felt the opportunity to do it was too good to pass up, and here it is for your viewing pleasure.


-Vic (the man that does the scribbles.)

Just another buch of random posibilities we cooked up for Three Panel Throwdown. 


You never know what ideas will work or what will just sound funny at the thought, but will have no real substance.


Vic (I can color inside the lines.)

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