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Yes that too is my dream, to have a penguin trick my parents into buying me a house. Okay maybe not a penguin but anything really. Long as I get a house.

Also I've been watching Invader Zim, it kicks ass! Now I wonder why I waited so long to see it. I mean a few of my friends were telling me how great it was last year but I didn't listen. No I didn't, instead I wasted my time watching Heros, which was okay but way over hyped. Kind of like The Dark Knight. The movie was amazing don't get me wrong, I loved that movie. And I'm a movie and comic nerd so I loved it that much more. Just in terms of story and character (action aside) it was a masterpiece. You could have taken almost all the action out of that movie and you would still be left with an amazing movie. It was dark, it was scary and I loved it. That's not to say it's not with out it's faults. One of my friends who's a big batman fan, those of you who are online in all the bat man places might know him as thebat25 or some other name. Goes by Robin. Last name Careless. Any way, he agrees with me when I say that yes the movie was a little over hyped. But any amount of hype you give a movie is over hype. It will never live up to it because in our minds we build up this amazing movie and it is damn hard for a movie to live up to our imaginations. But The Dark Knight, came pretty damn fucking close and I can not wait for the third one. That's not to say that their weren't other great movies that summer (Hulk and Iron Man come to mind) but if I had to pick a winner I'd say Wall-E. But now your going "hey wait a minute! Wall-E didn't come out over the summer! And it wasn't better then The Dark Knight!" And those who know me know I haven't even seen the movie. But I don't care. Everywhere I went I saw that Wall-E kicked ass. All the bloggers agree. Cept maybe some but whatever.

Yeah, I was going to see Wall-E but I had no one to go with and I can't bring my self to go see a Pixar movie alone. Too creepy. Even for me. I saw The Simpsons movie alone and man were people ever giving me weird looks.

This comic in general is pretty hard for me to write (which is probably why it sucks) because compared to everything else I write this is very grounded and therefore it is a different style that I have to get used to. Working on some new art work for the comic that looks even kind of good. Should be up next month. Right now I'm just running through my premade comics.

Yeah. Wow. You know this went on a lot longer then I planned it to. I mean I just planned to talk a bit about the comic then some movies I liked then say bye. But the clever people are going "Wait! You never finished your point on that paragraph where you started taking about heros then batman then your friend blue jay." Correct I didn't, good for you. But I mean has anybody even read this far down? I mean does anybody read these little blurbs that I write? If you do and you've read this far down send me an e-mail and I will give a super e-hug for being that extra awesome.

Also if you care; me and my friend Robin made a Crow fan film based off the comics and the movies. You might have seen it, it's called The Crow Vengeance, I play a small part in it. Heres the URL. I's made up in three parts so sure to watch all three

Also this is Robins youtube page very cool stuff up there

ps we're making two more crow movies and turning them into a feature length movie (hopefully) and one of the movies might be one that I've written.

Also, I did conclude my point to that second paragraph I just never bothered to make my full point. And that point was that Heros sucks. I’m sorry guys (my few “fans”) but it does. I just felt you had to know this before you died. In X many years.

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