Where do Serial Murderers go to learn thier very specialized skills? Murder University.

Updates when ever I get a chance, hopefully often...and Sundays.

I apologise for the lateness of my update.

Also, due to unforeseen personal events, MURDER U will be on hiatus until October.

Thank you, and please keep reading Murder U.

And here it is!  The final page of my Second Ever 24 Hour Comic that was done mid February 2013!!


A gargatuan Thank You and a Hearty Hey Hey Hey to all who have read the Murder U 24 Hour Comic!


Please stay tuned for the main series, which is currently having a coupla hiccups, but shoulde be ready by the end of November; this is the first time I've done a webcomic, so I'm learning who to do it right while having NO computer skills. lol


In the meantime, my First Ever 24 Hour Comic will be uploaded weekly here as another 24 Hour Comic but will be uploaded completely in 1 go on the facebook Group page, so please look for that as well.

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A Horror Comic of the 24 Hour Persuasion.
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