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Joshua Moor ||   


My name is Joshua Moor. I am a student at Idaho State University. When I am in class I somtines get bored. In order to cope with the boredom I draw (not well, I will grant you, but I draw none the less). People seemed to enjoy reading some of these comics, so I have decided to start putting them online. I hope you all will enjoy reading the comics.

If you want to drop me a line feel free to do so at



P.S. My major is not English, so, if you notice any spelling or gramatical errors on the page let me know!

If you want to read some excelent comics from folks well established in the industry, check these out. I read these comics almost daily.

Imagery on this site is (c) Joshua Moor 2006-2007.  

Please do not steal my stuff. If you want to use any of the imagery from the site contact me by email. I am a nice guy we can work something out.