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updates erratically, irregularly, and illogically.

The hierarchy of zombies is complex. Viking zombies appear to be near the top, but it's possible that mecha-alien zombies best even our brainy-bearded freinds.

Viking zombies are, by the way, very fun to draw. expect to see more of Eric the Dead (the guy near the middle with somebody's habd stuck on his helmet).

Please forgive me, little yellow people. I didn't mean it - it was the zombie viking!

...I get the feeling this is going to come back to haunt me...

I'm not saying that the coffee demon was in any way responsible for the localised armageddon. i'm just pointing out that someone forgot to buy coffee, and the next morning fire and destruction raged amok for almost half a mile around. It seems a bit of an unlikely coincedence, is all.

I wish I could say I was making this up, but it's honestly word-for-word true. It's slightly worrying to realise your housemates make you feel almost mature, sometimes. Sometimes.

omg! the yellow people have stolen all the panels!

Also: colours!

Giraffeman says: it's not terrorism if you don't block up ALL the fire escapes.


...oh, and politics is important, everyone. :)

Yeah, according to Giraffeman, Jesus wore flip-flops.

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Peter Martin (shabakuk) says:

Isn't it the mark of great artists that you recognize yourself in the characters they create? I recognize myself in the coffee monster; except that in my case, coffee doesn't help. ... You're on to something with this, Letty. I'll pop in again for sure, especially to look for the next chapters of the Owl People.


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