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updates erratically, irregularly, and illogically.

oh dear. it's all getting a bit meta. you can tell things are serious when coffee is spilt and Owl doesn't even bat an eyelid (does she have eyelids? not sure).

in other news, i've signed up for NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) which is an awesome thing that i probably won't regret for atleast a couple of months! check it out if you like to write:

this seems to be a good time for making promises - i've also said i'll finish the first chapter of a story called Bulletproof by the end of the summer, and that's probably going up here when it's done. it's an idea supplied by my best ideas-robot, not my own, so hopefully i'm doing it justice. i guess we'll see soonish. :)

see how the flowers appear to wriggle around, disappearing and reappearing elsewhere? that's entirely intentional, honest.

proof that dad's scanner is better than mine: that's it doing greyscale, which usually comes out looking rubbish on mine. jealous. >:[

on another note, my brother's doing a cycling thing for charity. not sure if anybody actually reads this, (really should get round to figuring out this whole "publicity" thing) but on the off chance that you are, and have a little cash spare, it's a really good cause, and he's a hellofa lot more athletc than me. he can even go outside in summer without his brains melting, so he'll quite likely do pretty well at this. :)

argh, i'm sorry the text in this is tiny, it's hard to judge in MSpaint. hopefuly this'll provide a little background for those who've no idea what i'm on about. :)

there's always an idiot at the back who won't come down off the ceiling, huh?

it was inevitable. sooner or later there was going to be red ink.

it might be discernable amongst the general erraticness of my posting that this gap is a little longer than usual. that's because the internet has run away and hid - this is to let you know that i am looking for it, promise, and there are even some promising looking footprints in the dust behind the cooker. so hopefully back to regular (hah!) updates soon.

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