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patchwork people is a random collection of ideas i've batted around with freinds and in my own head. the stories of Giraffeman and co especially are based mostly on real life, only in real life our costumes don't look quite so good. (there's something horribly disappointing about spandex in the cold light of reality).

the owl people is a more serious story, the general idea for which has been kicking around since i was small and still scared of unicorns (wait, who am i kidding, i'm still terrified of unicorns). it will take a long time, and i aplogise for that, as well as for it's horrible image quality at present. working on it, i promise.


if you like either of these comics, here's a list of ones i like. even if you don't like my work, these are probably worth a look, as they are made by people who know what they are doing, unlike me.:

Doctor McNinja - one day, i will write a strip almost as good as DrMcN. then i will know that i'm finally getting the hang of this creativity thing.

Overcompensating - makes me happy every day. except for the days without a new strip. and even then sometimes. Jeffrey Rowland is just that good. Also, he runs a company selling webcomics merchandise, so he is like a big mustachio'd spider in the middle of a sticky web of comics awesomeness.

the loneliest astronauts: oh i wish, how i wish this updated more often. as it is, it's a weekly dose of awesomeness.

Questionable content: got a week or two to fill? want to spend it grinning dazedly at a computer screen? read the massive back-catalogue of this, and be amazed. an object lesson in character based writing.

pictures for sad children: look! just look!

three panel soul: not only funny and diverse, but also some really really pretty art. makes me wish i could draw.

Johnny Wander: i wish i could draw like Yuko. wish i could write like Ananth. wish i had a bigger mug of coffee right now, as well.

Gunnerkrigg Courrt: a really brilliant story with lots of great characters and moments where you go "eh?" and wish you could borrow a freind's pipe in order to hold it, raise one eyebrow, and look quizzical.

as i discover/ remember more, i'll stick them up here. as it is, i hope that if you're looking for nice things to read, you find something worthwhile here. :)