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"I am just a poor girl,
and my story's seldom told..."



Who is she?
She's the one on the outside looking in.

Born in Norhern Ireland in a family of ex-catholic. She was separaed form her parents as a kid for reasons unknown to her and sent over the sea in the care of her grandmother. She lived a realtively normal life up her teenage years, when her grandmother died from an illness and left he on her own. She bounced between foster parents for years after that, and dropped out of school due to depression and stress. Evetually she had nowhere to go and was left homeless.

Goal in life
Melodys short term goal in life is to survive, a simple enough goal for most, but out on the street, the concern is more immediate. Apart from that, she wants friends, although her problem connecting with people goes beyond just living on the street. Her ultimate goal is her own apartment, just a palce to call her own and put stuff without risking them being stolen, having a soft warm bed to sleep in, and a coffee pot.

What does she do?
To get money Melody is begging for money plays the guitar or the harmonica. In her spare time, she hangs in her favorite coffee shop, or is on the street, making observations and thinking. She dislikes shelters, but she goes there anyway, beggars cant be choosers. Back to the Cast Page

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