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"I am just a poor girl,
and my story's seldom told..."


Anima (Annie) Nutt

Who is she?
She's the perpetual child who find reality boring.

born in a french hospital by Marie. Her dad left the family at an early age to try and get away from responsibility and Marie moved back with Annie. Annie an her mother was left trying to survive on Maries modest income as a struggling novelist. They have moved around small towns for quite a bit but recently Maries writing carrier has picked up and they've been able to afford a small terrace huse in a downtrodden but safe part of town. Annie is pretty much a freeroamnig kid and has already made friends with a few shopowners and old ladies. She's only recently started in a new school and have yet to find a lot of friends her own age.

goal in life
Annies goal is obviously to have fun, she's read all the stories, but sheÃā´s not old enough yet to fully grasp how mundande her own life is likely to be. On some level, she's convinced that adventure is waiting around the corner and that she one day will be swept away on an exciting adventure of her own.

What does she do?
Reads comics and books, watches movies and cartoons, plays in the street, gets into trouble with her friend Stina. She also Whishes her mum would focus less on her writing and spend more time with her. Back to the Cast Page

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