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"I am just a poor girl,
and my story's seldom told..."


Marie Nutt

Who is she?
She's the kid who had to grow up but who refused to throw away her imagination.

Marie was born in a small town at the edge of the border. She ws a very imaginative and active young kid and she got goo grades in school. As a teenager she went trough a rebellious phase and hung out with the punk/goth crowd. She frequently joined friends on backpack tours and roadtrips. She visited several european countries and could party pretty wildly when she wanted to. Any chance she ould sh trieto further her carrier as a writer and had poms and short stories publshed in several small littrary magazines. Somewhere in France she met the future father of Annie and fell in love. The fling resulted in a kid, but the father ran away to escape responsibility. Raising a child on the income of a struggling writer i not an easy task, but Marie somehow managed.
Recently he carrier has picked up, she got a few multi-book deals and is busy but content with turningher childhood fantasies into books.

Goal in life
When she was younger, her goal was to become a proffesional novelist, now that she are on,e her goal is to spend more time with her daughter.

What does she do?
She writes Fantasy and Romance novels to pay the bills. She aldo has a daily column in a local newspaper. She's frequently busy and tires to make up for it by being overtly kind to her daughter, something that doesn't really work out in the long run... Back to the Cast Page

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