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"I am just a poor girl,
and my story's seldom told..."



The last one was basically part 5, it just had another title.

Allright, i'm all out of buffer strips, so I guess i'lll have to switch to a weekly update schedule from now on. i'm very proud of this one.  Its kinda inspired by one time when i where in Stockholm and met a street musician that was awesome, he not only played and sang, but he made up new lyrics for the songs filk music style. Unfortunently I didnt have any change on me at all, so the best i could do was tell him that he rocked. I'm not sure if he felt cheated or just glad his music was apprechiated, guess i'll never know.

Oh, and a new format today. It's just that the comic ended up too wide in strip form. I'm still not sure if I should use this format all the time or countinue with the normal strip format, but I kinda liked this format. It allows for larger panels with more art and more text. Although working in the strip format makes it less tempting to fall into the "Something Positive"1 trap of webcomics and have waay too much text in every panel. Good comic strips should be more like a haiku than an essay. Now if someone only had said that to the guy who draws "mallard Fillmore"...


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