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Tami McIntyre

Cranky, cantankerous, crouchy and curmudgeonly, Tami McIntyre is probably the meanest character in Swedish Fish. On occasion she can be happy, but it's usually at someone elses' expense. She drinks, smokes, does drugs and is generally not a good kid. She is a natural redhead, but nobody has seen her real hair color in so long that it doesn't really matter.
She is a gaming nerd, anime freak, and pocky addict.
Tami gets strait A's in all her classes, yet never seems to do any work. This strange phenomenon is still being investigated.
Tami is a lesbian, and has been since she first started taking an intrest in such things. She doesn't so much hate men as she hates everyone. It has been alluded to that she has had a large number of girlfreinds, but her social life is rather a mystery. Or merely non-existant seeing as all she does is hang out with Oni and play video games. Back to the Cast Page
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