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Oni Kalishnikov

Perhaps the main character, defiantly not the smartest.
Oni is an aspiring artist, video gamer, computer nerd and anime freak. He is actually quite a good kid, despite his rebellious nature and often surly appearance. He likes just about any kind of video game, but is only really good at RPGs. That doesn't stop him from playing the others, even if he is bad at them.
It ought to be noted that he has a passion for researching zombies. Like, a huge passion. He keeps the main characters' apartment well prepared for a zombie invasion.

And yes, Oni is an anime representation of the artist. In fact, the biggest difference between Oni and Panda is that Oni can grow a decent beard. Back to the Cast Page
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And so, a quick synopsis: name: oni age: 18 favorite food: cheeseburger longest sleep: 12 hours, hells yeah! ... full profile