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Eheeee! <3

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far away... Episode one, the phantom artist. After many days of beating him with a proverbial stick, Tatterdemalion has succesfully driven the Panda into finishing the first comic of their series: Swedish Fish. (Tatterdemalion~That stick was not proverbial and actually it was my foot going up your...well...hee) Unbeknownst to Tatterdemalion and Panda, but knownst to us, danger lurks in the stars above...
Tanuki The Amazing (thatcrazytanuki) says: WE MUSHT COLLAB SOMETIME!  Musht. *holds up mush*
megan clark (screwsanity) says: <3
Tatterdemalion and Panda (pandamancer) says: Aaaaaaaand i just noticed that i've forgotten to give Neko clothes in this episode... n_n;;Use yer brains to 'magine some on her, kay? :D
Leah Jennings (rosemarine) says: teehee. i found your comic. now im gonna comment it tah death. dunno if u remembr me, but im skyhyrabbit, you know the "25-year-old"? so, if u feel like checking my comic out....emo-tionless, dat'd be cool. megan's in it. and mike.
Leah Jennings (rosemarine) says: Aaaaarr i loves ur comic! Munchmunchmunch
Leah Jennings (rosemarine) says: YES! YESSS!! thank you! now i dont feel like such a dork for being so sportistically challenged. well...i usually find other means of accomplishing that anyways...yay me for sef-esteem
Leah Jennings (rosemarine) says: heheh. i relates.
Tatterdemalion and Panda (pandamancer) says: psh, real kids don't do sports.Who wants all that orginazation and being told what to do going on?~Panda Out!
Tatterdemalion and Panda (pandamancer) says: oh yeahs, the creepy guy in the hoodie is mah freind Dom. He rawks sawks. ::nodnod::He took me to see 300 n_______n~Panda Out!
megan clark (screwsanity) says: hahahaha. poor chris...
Alicia Moon (kawaii_bookwyrm) says: Hehe, I've felt like that before. Poor Oni...
Alicia Moon (kawaii_bookwyrm) says: Yay! my friends know eachother! Huzzah! ^^
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