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Eheeee! <3

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Becasue of stuff, i am starting chapter 2 before chapter 1 is officially finished. This is because i am now writing the scripts for the time being. That said, do not blame poor tatter for the horrible jokes that are no doubt soon to follow in this chapter. Hopefully the lameness will make tatter realize how much i need her, and guilt trip her into writing scripts for me! XD
Anywho: i would totally was my clothes with Febreeze, if i had any... Febreeze, that is, i do have clothes...  Honest...
~Panda Out!
Tatterdemalion and Panda (pandamancer) says: Oooh, hey, i just noticed the google ads sorta thing at the top of our pages advertises the actual candy swedish fish. That's lolarious. Lukily i didn't choose a raunchy-sounding name, it might've advertised for pr0n sites XD~Panda out!
Leah Jennings (rosemarine) says: Update more silly!! there are some people who actually read this and like updates! but maybe im not one to talk... >.<
Alicia Moon (kawaii_bookwyrm) says: 0_0 You did NOT just diss Pride and Prejudice!!! Ur mean T_T I now command thee to watch Pride and Prejudice, the long version. Now! And relish the hawtness that is Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy!
megan clark (screwsanity) says: this is def. my favorite!! <3 <3 it's so you <3 <3 <3 so cute!!! XD <3 <3
Tatterdemalion and Panda (pandamancer) says: if i had a tail i would chase it ALL THE TIME!   ~Panda Out!
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