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And so begins a short little arc on Tatter and my's adventure at the high school prom. She invited me, and i wasn't doing anything exciting, so i said sure. I thought i had planned far enough ahead, but apparently not! The top-hat and tailcoat i had ordered didn't arrive in time, so i hadta make a mad search for a shop that would be open in order to get enough cool things to make my backup plan (my dad's old tux) look spiffy. Well, we took a wrong turn looking for a shop we had been told about that might have stuff. And on that wrong road, the only shop was a formal menswear place. How serendipitous was that? So we stopped in there, got me a shiney vest and some other things to make sure i looked awesome. Later it occured to us that we don't know what the road was called, and that we would never find it again, and i was reminded of the Room of Requirement from Harry Potter.

More to come! Much more! Adventure excitement and romance! Possibly zombies!

~Panda out! 

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