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M. Rinn (Creator, Writer): This weirdo is responsible for the words in Paradis and is a  religion student at Syracuse University, working to complete her bachelor's in religion with an emphasis on religion in antiquity.  Other personal areas of interest include Gnosticism, early Christianity, angel and demon mythologies, Greek pagan religion, the historical Jesus, text criticism of the New Testament and apocraphyal texts. Her thesis is on Lilith's role as a literary figure starting in the Romantic period into the present day.  When not in class or maintaining the Paradis website, she can be found working in the library where books fall on her a lot.  She is also nowhere as boring as she comes off as in this profile, just invested in her studies.

R. Peason (Artist): The crazy behind the pictures (because stalking the characters with a camera is tiring), she is a fan of the Paradis scripts and was pulled in by a comission and well, never quite quit.  This may or may not also involve copious bribes of Ben and Jerry's ice cream.  She plans to becoming involved with the animation industry at somepoint in her career.  Between bouts of her head floating in the clouds, Peason  occasionally pulls herself down to Earth...in order to watch cartoons

E. Burr (Editor): E. Burr is the script editor and long-time friend of M. Rinn. She is a high school senior planning to attend Arizona State University in the fall.  Her interests include the English language, literature, philosophy and comparative religion.  She makes sure that the writer's ideas don't suck and beats the writer with the almighty editor hammer when they do.