Rose was the first character I ever drew for Rock Garden Comics. She started out her cartoon life looking like my mother, then later like my friend Corinne. Now she just looks and sounds like herself. ... more
Teresa lives with Rose, of course, and is her daughter. Teresa loves Rose and Norman, her son. She works as a hairdresser in a retirement village. She's divorced. ... more
Norman is Teresa's son and Rose's grandson. He loves to skateboard, listen to music, play computer games, hang out with his friends, and torment his family. ... more
Boss Mummy
Boss Mummy woke up dead and loving it. He has a ton of Wage Slaves to serve his every need. ... more
Party Mummies and Zombies
The Party Mummies frolic in the Afterlife Bar and Grill. They just wanna have fun. Mummies party with the Zombies, who have substance abuse problems and bad manners. ... more
Lucifer's problem is that he's a slow learner. All his problems stem from a skewed world view that he could change, if only he would try. ... more
The Golden Oldies
Along with Rose, the Golden Oldies form the heart and soul of the Rock Garden. ... more
Nana Smith
Nana is Rose's next door neighbor. ... more
Panama Silver
Panama Silver embodies the best of the rock and roll culture, in its mature glory. ... more
Supporting Cast: Cast of Thousands and Live Ones Deady Gypsy Fortuneteller Office Zombies and Mummies The Archaeologists The Embalmers and Advisors The Mullets The Turds The Wage Slaves The XYZers

Copyright 2009 by Pat Jones. All rights reserved. These cartoons may not be reprinted without express written permission.

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Hello, virtual world. I live and draw comics in the Kansas City area, and thanks to Joey Manley, I can share them with all of you. ... full profile