Rose represents the best of mature womanhood to me. She is the mother of Teresa and the grandmother of Norman. These three characters live together as a sandwich family, yet Rose has a life away from home, too. Teresa and Norman moved in with Rose because she had a stroke and Teresa got divorced.

Rose attends Rock and Roll High School, where she is a cheerleader. She also visits with her many friends and keeps up with her hobbies. Rose gardens avidly. She also dates, from time to time, either at Rock and Roll High or in her own neighborhood.

Rose's husband passed away a few years ago. Although she's suffered her share of bumps along life's road, Rose has managed to stay positive. She offers us nuggets of wisdom that she has learned.

In time, Rose took on a life of her own. She says and does things that I would not say or do, sometimes. She is my most favorite character, forever. Back to the Cast Page

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