Panama Silver

As a young man, Panama Silver made a fortune, running uncut bran across the border. These days he has more time to relax. Panama is the epitome of smooth. He knows how to wow the ladies, and he remains cool in all situations.

Panama will never pretend to be a part of the mainstream. He was born and bred on rock and roll, and he's true to his colors. Panama fancies Rose, but she's not ready to be tied down, yet. Still, he has fun courting her. I especially like Panama's good manners. He's my kind of guy. Back to the Cast Page

Copyright 2009 by Pat Jones. All rights reserved. These cartoons may not be reprinted without express written permission.

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Hello, virtual world. I live and draw comics in the Kansas City area, and thanks to Joey Manley, I can share them with all of you. ... full profile