Paul Eberhardt ||   

Paul-Eberhardt is my first name, actually. My last name isn't secret but hard to pronounce in English, so just call me Paul.
I've been into comics and related stuff for as long as I can remember. Please note that my art is 100% handmade, as computers and I have never really got along with each other.

I was born in Bremen, Northern Germany. Currently, after having dabbled in Forestry for several years I'm a student of English and Geography, eventually to become a teacher (or more likely a taxi driver). I'm fluent at German, English and Plattdüütsch, our local minority language and I've also got some skills at French. If you have any questions, suggestions or whatever you can reach me via E-Mail:

You might also want to have a look at my portfolio on Deviant Art:

Finally, I'm a member of a band called Gummi Arabikum, to which you can listen here: